Partial Refrigerated, LTL Refrigerated Transportation, Temperature Controlled Freight Transport. LTL

Partial Refrigerated, LTL Refrigerated Transportation, Temperature Controlled Freight Transport. LTL

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Frozen, Temperature Controlled, Refrigerated Freight Trucking Services

When you need temperature-controlled units to transport your perishable freight, consider FAR Transportation, Inc. for your LTL or Full Truckload refrigerated trucking needs. FAR Transportation, is one of the top refrigerated trucking companies that transports refrigerated, frozen, and temperature-sensitive freight throughout the US. Our LTL partial refrigerated transportation services are for customers who have the need to transport their freight from where it is picked-up, transported and delivered in the same refrigerated unit with no offloading or additional handling. This reduces costs, transit times and damage to the freight. FAR Transportation moves refrigerated and temperature controlled freight around the US. Whether your refrigerated LTL freight is going around the city, the state or completely across the country, We truly understand the importance of your LTL refrigerated transportation needs, whether it is frozen or just chilled. When shipping with FAR Transportation, rest assured that your LTL or partial frozen foods, produce, and perishable freight will be transported by professionals in the food transportation industry.

What is LTL Refrigerated Trucking?
Following the definition of LTL Transport, LTL Refrigerated Trucking refers to the process of shipping or transporting temperature-controlled cargo that does not require the space of an entire vehicle. Slightly more complicated than regular transport, a refrigerated truck or trailer (also referred to as a reefer) has the added capability of being able to maintain internal temperature within a specific range to ensure that the goods being transported do not spoil, deteriorate, or get damaged. For frozen goods, the required temperature range is 0° – 10° Fahrenheit. For chilled goods (including beverages), the required temperature range is 32° – 36° Fahrenheit.

Goods that require regulated temperature include food and beverages, flowers and plants, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, and some types of electronic equipment. Although LTL means that your goods are on the same truck as other customers’ goods, being in a refrigerated truck means that the goods being transported together should require the similar temperature range. This means that frozen goods can’t be in the same truck as chilled goods, and vice versa.

Consolidation of similar goods (in terms of temperature requirement) is a big factor that affects the pickup and delivery schedule of LTL refrigerated trucks. Unlike regular LTL trucks which typically have daily pickup and delivery schedules, it’s more difficult for LTL refrigerated trucks to do the same because they’re not as plentiful as regular trucks. More often than not, LTL refrigerated trucks can only do pickup and delivery on specific days of the week, depending on the region or location.

Is Refrigerated LTL More Costly Then Dry Van?
Yes, refrigerated LTL is definitely more expensive than regular dry LTL. Why? Mainly because of the special equipment that makes it possible to keep the refrigerated trucks cold within. Because it costs higher to produce and maintain a refrigerated truck, there are less of them available. With less refrigerated trucks around, it makes sense that it’s more expensive to rent one. The challenge is to find the LTL refrigerated company that offers the best rates, and of course, has a pickup and delivery schedule that coincides with your freight shipping needs.

If you are transporting goods and you don’t need a full truckload but you need to keep your goods preserved, refrigerated ltl freight shipping will be a great option. It will be most costly than regular dry van shipping but you will save money since you are not using a regular truckload.

Some interesting “fast facts” about Refrigerated FAR Transportation:

  • Refrigerated trucking got its start in 1842 during the winter season.
  • The method of keeping products cold was inspired by the need to preserve fresh meat and produce that needed to travel over a far distance.
  • Mechanical refrigerated units for trucks were first manufactured in the 1940s by the U.S. Thermo Control Company.
  • Over 90% of the food Americans eat today are shipped by refrigerated trucks.
  • Modern trailers that are hauled by trucks have their own power source and refrigeration units to keep them cold even if they get seperated from their trucks. That way, they can be carried anywhere.
  • A well-maintained refrigerated truck can drive over 1 million miles, way more than a well maintained car.
  • Refrigerated trailers have approximately 1,000 pounds of found insulation inside of them.
  • There are more than 500,000 refrigerated trucks in the US, each costing more than $100,000.
  • In the transportation industry, refrigerated trailers are referred to as “reefers”.

Refrigerated FAR Transportation / Partial Refrigerated Trucking:

• Custom Shipping Options For Refrigerated Trucking
• Freight billing via fax or email to reduce cost and time
• Full EDI capabilities.
• Maximize capacity and improve the bottom line in your shipping costs
• 24/7 Dispatch Services


Refrigerated, Frozen, Temperature Controlled Freight Trucking

  • Meats
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Produce
  • Dairy Products
  • Seafood
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Candy
  • Juices
  • Poultry
  • Floral
  • Food Grade

So whether you are shipping a refrigerated LTL (less than a load) or considering refrigerated partial trucking including hazmat refrigerated, trust the experts at FAR Transportation, Inc. who know refrigerated trucking. Contact us to discuss our refrigerated freight trucking services. We will safely handle every aspect of your refrigerated LTL freight trucking needs. To receive a fast & accurate, no obligation refrigerated freight quote, simply call one of our knowledgeable freight agents or use our online “LTL Refrigerated Rate Quote” form.

Reliable LTL / Partial Refrigerated Trucking Company

LTL and Truckload Refrigerated Trucking Services Include:

  • Chilled Foods
  • Refrigerated Straight Trucks
  • Hazmat Refrigerated
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Frozen Freight
  • Flatbed Services
  • Knowledgeable in delivering to challenging receivers
  • Expedited Freight
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Refrigerated LTL/Partials
  • Team Drivers
  • Refrigerated Trailers

Other Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping Methods
FAR Transportation also offers other kinds of ltl freight shipments including dry van ltl trucking and shipping & dry van expedited ltl.

We understand the refrigerated trucking industry and the demanding needs of our clients. For a LTL refrigerated trucking quote or any other questions, contact us at 800-657-8380, or email us at [email protected]. Receive a fast, accurate, no obligation LTL or Partial Freight quote by using our online “LTL Rate Quote” request form. We look forward to serving you. We are one of the top refrigerated freight companies and our service is to you, our valued customer. Let us earn the right to become your number one source for all your LTL refrigerated and partial refrigerated freight trucking needs.

“We Also Provide Refrigerated Full Truckload Transportation”

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